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being in college doesn't mean you know anything
Posted:Aug 7, 2021 11:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2021 8:11 pm

By the end of high school, I had learned some interesting and seemingly important things; your permanent record that everyone used to modify your behavior, was not real unless you were a sports star, you probably would get any sort of scholarships to help with the next level of education, so why do they call it a scholarship, it has nothing to do with scholastics, it's about how well you play sports and party after school. Neither of which had anything to do with me. My entire social life could be summed up in just a few words; sexual humiliation and rejection. It was 1971 and the only chance I had to escape the disaster that was my life was the draft board. Hey, my brother, drew number one, last year surely I could expect the same, there was hope, but when life hits you in the face it does it twice, Number 364 (and they are only drafting to number 127) and forget enlisting my appendices ruptured! No military service for me. Believe it or not, all the girls knew I faked the attack to avoid the service. So it also meant that no girl would accompany me to senior prom. Outcast complete. So I graduated a virgin all the way through, Life hated me and I knew for sure people were no damn good, had it printed on a big orange pin that I wore on my harris tweed to my first semester of college, But the healing from the surgery of my faked illness did introduce me to Rosy Palm and her five sisters. There was a whole new world coming at me and it started with the outcast was now the man on campus and just under two years, I became legendary as the campus Romeo thanks to a classmate telling everyone I was sleeping with every girl I met. The truth was I was drawing most of the girls I met, and half of them could not even remember my name, but funny thing, none of them wanted to be seen as the girl I didn't sleep with so they all confirmed that it had happened even though it hadn't. A girl that was warm for my friend ended up going out with me and we did not like each other. I went out with her to help her get to functions that were assigned for English class as for my friend he was pursuing other rejections. It was almost three months before I realized I was dating a girl whose name I could not remember. and another six months for us to discover we were both virgins, She believed their rumors and I was oblivious to them after all " people are no damn good" so why would I care what they had to say about me. That was almost fifty years ago. We are still together, and I still get violently ill when I anticipate having sex. I guess some things just happen because I learned being in college doesn't mean you know anything
Posted:Aug 4, 2021 6:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 6:14 pm

By the time I was in my junior year of my bullies and the junior girls had teamed up. Everyone has something they would like to forget and that isn't hard if it happens once. My almost sexcapades had become so frequent that people hearing about them just said"why don't you tell me something new?" I just wanted it all to stop then my classmates found a new way to humiliate me even more. I walked into my current events class my clothes were covered in paint because a team of girls decided to paint red and blue arrows pointing to my crotch and the words great things come in small packages, it's here you will find it. there was one thing I learned when the entire wants to help you with a humiliating situation they have found a way to make it worse they grabbed and stripped to my tidy whities and then jammed me in the wastebasket. a female voice hollered up the hall "coast is clear do it now" the next instant I was spinning like the cups Disney world going down the hall three girls grabbed the can and carried into the 's room and stuffed can and all into a stall and closed the door. A few moments later the hottest in came in lifted her skirt and sat on me. She screamed and in came the algebra teacher who really hated me for reasons I never found , It was the first time I ever saw her laugh."I hope this is the time you will be doing this." I did too however every Tuesday and Thursday 5th period found me in the 's room in a trash can. was so much fun . NOT.
Sharing a sleeping bag is sometimes just that
Posted:Aug 4, 2021 8:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 5:13 pm

What do you think happens when you take 30 boys and 30 girls into the beautiful Mountains of North Carolina for 2 months? Hard to believe but parents saw no problem with this. Unfortunately, the head of NCOBS did and three days into the Mountain Rescue School he decided to have 60 were so tired they were falling asleep in their grits at supper. EveryHe stood on the end table and addressed us of the issue that he realized was possible and made the announcement" will be no screwing in the bushes! You are not here have sex in the wilderness" You could hear 60 half asleep campers suddenly wake up' was the one idea that had not yet dawned on anyone. Pandora's Box was open. The School was harder than anything most of us had ever encounter with the exception of my older brother and me, these were all city most had never gone for a picnic by a lake even. Also, both of us camped and participated in Scouts ever since we could remember. On this day about two weeks in we were hiking in the mountains and gorges in a mountain rainstorm. It was late and camp needed to be set up. My team leader thought it would be a good idea to strike camp on top of the ridge above us. I quickly objected remembering the first rule of camping never camp at the bottom of the gorge or on top of the mountain during heavy rain and lightning. we struck camp where we were halfway between the two. I had packed my sleeping bag in a giant plastic bag,others had not, Two truly gorgeous girls needed a place to sleep their bags. were completely soaked built the fire strung a tarp and hung their bags and clothes on the line I had running under the tarp. After that three us stark naked climbed in my dry bag one girl on each side it could have been my first and a penthouse letter night . Even the two girls want to show their appreciation I opted for sleep. We woke early gathered our clothes and prepared for more mountain hiking. What else happened during the night a group of campers at the top of the mountain were being taken to the hospital because lightning completely destroyed the site including burning the jeep they had to a crisp. Now they werecalling me hero but it was just country boy knowledge and common sense.
definitely not Don Juan
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 6:55 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 6:14 pm

I was so glad summer was finally coming in a few weeks I would be climbing the Rocky Mountains on the borders of North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. but I still had time to make some money beforehand.
It was hot as I pushed the mower around the giant yard by the lake a female voice broke through the noise of the engine." hey your brother was too busy to go to the movies and suggested you might be up for a swim?" It was Tee "Peggy says you have a lot to offer in the way of fun" She had jet black hair and was wearing a red bikini that was not staying on very well over her thin frame.
Peggy had intimated that it was Tee who was bragging on me and now it wasTee saying Peggy was the catalyst. "I'll be finished in about fifteen minutes," I said.
"I hope you take longer than that"
"What I thought you wanted me to get done so we can swim"
" I got so much to teach you" Tee looked over her glasses "This is going to be so much fun"
We ended up at the river under the bridge. As we got close to the water Tee's suit hit the ground and with her help, my suit joined it. She said it was her favorite way to swim over the next half hour she had placed my hand in places and had me doing things with my fingers and tongue that I had never thought of before but when she reached for my lap. I jumped back and the vomiting began. She drove me home and we never talked about it again.
there are many near firsts
Posted:Aug 1, 2021 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 5:13 pm

I was just the day after my sixteenth birthday working in the science prep room when we will call her Peggy came up behind me "Tee tells me you really like to touch things" I turned around and she was only wearing a blouse "I had to see if everything Tee said was true so I got April and Cindy to pull your shorts down in the gym. Tee was right it is cute was she also right about your touch?" She opened the blouse revealing a flesh-toned lace rose-designed bra. "Can I make up for what I had them do?"I may have been sixteen but this was way beyond me. Hell, I never even touched myself down there yet and here I had thanks to Tee a reputation for being very highly skilled with my hands.
I excused myself and went into the lavatory connected to the prep room and grabbed the sink and retched. Peggy told Tee and soon everyone including my mother knew I just missed my first time.
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How I ended up in sex education
Posted:Jul 30, 2021 9:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 6:14 pm

I was ten years old when my mother decided take us and her girlfriend and her a picnic under a bridge in the state forest. It was a very hot day and we were in a very discrete area under the bridge next the river where we had built a tone dam on earlier visits and so we had a fairly large pond there. the thirteen of us were hot and cranky. Mom said why don't you go swimming . No one had suits with them and Mom's friend said if we go in then we would soak the car and catch a death of cold on the trip home. You guessed it less than five minutes later there were 6 males and 7 females completely naked splashing and swimming totally free. It was the first time I had seen naked females but I was interested in swimming and did not attention them. This unknown my parents was the beginning of being a social nudist for . It was later that my brother asked what I thought about seeing the oldest girl naked . I thought that was a strange question and replied with so what she had no clothes on who cares. My mother heard this from the next room and decided we needed meet with the minister. And as you know now this was the beginning of more sex education than any four people need. It was not that I did not like girls it was just that I was busy growing and doing other things. It is sixty-plus years later and I am still a social nudist and besides getting ill every time sex enters the picture I am still busy doing other things like painting drawing writing broadcasting hiking mountain climbing really thin a lot about sex.
How many sex education classes are too many?
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021 5:12 pm

I was barely 12 years old when the minister pulled my mother to the side and said "your is getting old enough to notice girls we have sex education in the rectory on Tuesday nights he is more than welcome to attend"my mother knew I would be going away to summer campus and alone with girls around my age from the city. It was decided that this was going to happen. And so through the next six weeks, the Lutheran Church lectured about abstinence this was the first of four and the films of STDs and female infections were the grossest things I had ever seen before or since. And going to these classes once was not enough I went At 12, 13, 14, and 15. And then the school had health classes which were just another gross-out series of films about genital malfunctions but this was the sixties and seventies and sex ed in school was still not allowed well not until 1970 and again I found myself sitting in class three nights a week for 8 weeks watching the films and they gave us books we had to read and they were loaded with pics diagrams and verbal descriptions. My mother soon realized that I not only avoided females but I never asked any questions and she found out I didn't even touch myself. I did have dates in high school it was sort of mandatory after all my family could not have a male that did not like girls enough to date. At one point my mother decided to tell me if I liked boys that was fine just keep it quiet. No one paid mind to the fact I was an Artist doing nude studies and fine not having any sex with anybody. I wanted so to understand human behavior and the line between art and pornography so I took Human Sexuality and Human Advanced Psychology better know as Abnormal Psychology. It was during the first semester I learned how pleasurable sex could be and so I began self exploration. The result was massive migraines and two years later at age twenty one I had unexpected sex for the first time which was almost pleasurable except for the vomiting and the migraines. I truly think that there is a limit to how much and when sex education is done.
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i do have one special ability
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 7:07 pm
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2021 7:48 am

my sex life to include self-love did not happen until I was in college. I am not exactly sure why it did not happen until then because opportunity kept throwing itself at me. I am not sure what I expected to happen but it definitely was not what happened to me. Instead of this great ecstasy, it was pure torture. my nerves went crazy and I was besieged with migraines. This is why even though I am now 68 years on the planet I have yet to have full sex fifty times.
The issue is mostly psychological according to a sex therapist I was sent to see. It seems that the thought of sex if not immediately satisfied causes major stress increases blood pressure and causes other physical issues . Primarily it triggers migraines sometimes so bad I end up in bed for three to four days in constant agony.
I am an artist and a nudist so being with or studying naked women presents no problem. However, if the topic becomes sexual the problem begins. There are three maybe four times this did not happen but then what happened, happened so fast I did not have time to think or discuss just do.
the therapist said that I needed to try several different things to have sex without stress. First I would have to have sex without discourse my wife has to talk in detail prior to having actual sex. second she suggested hiring a sex partner. the problem just arranging to have the business transaction was a disaster. The third suggestion goes to an orgy and don't talk just do Anyone know where I can find an orgy. The last suggestion was a reverse gang bang it would happen so fast I wouldn't have time to think about what was happening and my captors would be controlling everything..
I asked the therapist how I would find such a situation She asked where I looked for models I said Polyamory Date and she said well that might be an additional use of the site. so here I am. Wish me luck.

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