This body which is mine  

senfully 53F
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9/14/2021 3:55 pm
This body which is mine

In the cave of the ear, the bones, like stars
at the solstice, sit upright and still,
listening in on the air as the muscle and blood
listen in on the skeleton.

—Robert Bringhurst, "The Song of Ptahhotep," Gift of Tongues

This body which is mine
written June 1st, 2021

For too long
my body has listened for
phantom danger coming my way
my body tensed waiting.

Now I am training myself
to listen to the sound
of my solid solitary bones
the soft drumming of my blood
rushing and cresting
in the shores of my body.

I listen as my muscles
stretch and contract
moving lungs and limbs
part of the symphony
coordinated by my brain.

I listen to my body
and learn to hear the beauty
the coordinated song
of muscle and blood
bones and brain
wrapped in my soft skin
the miracle of this body
which is mine.

senfully 53F
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9/14/2021 3:59 pm

I get a lot of inspiration from other poems. I love including portions of them at the beginning of the poem they relate to. The resulting poems are uniquely mine, but often wouldn't exist without the inspiring poem. Thank you to the poets I've read for the inspiration, for help finding words to express things in me.

69ereatwetpussy 59M
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9/14/2021 7:36 pm

sounds like you are in tune with your body
to no ones body is to feel good about yourself
to let other see your glow because you know
then again i'ld love to explore your body see what i find

kamaruhl3 60M
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9/14/2021 8:40 pm

this is wonderful. such description thank you for your words

InsatiableSeb 41M  
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9/14/2021 9:39 pm

So very beautiful

MrWrong4RghtNow 55M  
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9/15/2021 2:39 am

One can close their eyes and listen to the crashing waves of your unbridled pleasure. Truly a cherished gift this early morn.

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

G000dbuddy 33M
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9/15/2021 7:00 am


Have a nice day
Yours goodbuddy781

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