take me part 174  

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7/21/2021 3:27 pm
take me part 174

Fighting Marnine unexpectedly, and dealing with Annie, which was getting increasingly more difficult, and totally different than my experience with Bet, was clouding things that needed to be clear. Holy crap, I didn't even know what car I was driving, or even what I needed to do except fix the screen door, but I had no idea where my tools were. FUCK!!!!!!!!!

I told Henry I'd start chopping but needed some coffee. I poured a cup and walked out back which was easier with the screen door barely hanging on it's hinges. I knew I wouldn't see Marnine for a while, which I thought was a good thing, but who knew. I certainly didn't. What I did know was I/we needed to figure this out with Annie. I couldn't have this intensity and deal with Gustav, and Marnine when she came back at us, which she would, with a vengeance. I felt like screaming into the night, and that is when Chloe put her hand on my back and gently bit my neck. I felt like crying, the release of energy was so intense. She let go and grabbed my cup, drank the rest of my coffee, and smiled before kissing me.

"You plan on doing that again mister." I looked at her because I really didn't know what to say.

"No, but I'll have to because Marnine won't stop and she's not going anywhere, not without a fight. It's not a fight I want but one that I have, for whatever reason. Yesterday surprised the hell out of me. I've always known that I had that part within me, but I never dreamed it could manifest. Thanks for fixing us up." Chloe grabbed my face and looked me before kissing me.

"Daniel, you have to let go. You are trying to carry too much. You need to let u...."

"WHAT am I suppose to let go of, Love? What? You and Sara are pregnant, and there's Jake and Emily. Melissa and her are taken care of but I haven't even thought about Charlie and her brother. I went to them for a reason. My uncle wants Jake to go Ga. Tech, which would be great for him if he wants to be an Engineer, but then there's Emily. I have bitten three women, none of which were you or Sara. Bet and Javier are kinda OK, and we still have to finalize the partnership, agree about you, me and Sara. Janey and Alison want baby, even though they aren't saying anything, as does Annie, which isn't a secret...and oh yeah, I might be married to her.... and I have to decide whether I marry you, or Sara. And I need to find a fucking cherry tree for the Andersen's."

I growled, and threw the cup against the wall as I felt myself beginning to shift. Chloe was stepping back, not afraid but unsure what would happen as Annie ran out the door, followed by Sara. Annie pounced on my back and bit my shoulder until I went on one knee. She let go and got up, looked at Chloe and Sara and walked back inside. I walked up to both of them and kissed them. They were as off balance as I was.

"We have a lot to talk about. What car can I use?" They both looked me and burst out laughing which made me smile because it did sound pretty dumb. I needed to figure out the van situation for the shop so I had my tools and wasn't playing leap frog with vehicles. Janey and Alison pulled up, with Jake, which was good because I could take the door back to the shop and fix it. I hugged all of them and told Jake he needed to chop veg. He nodded.

"Are you and Annie OK dad?" I looked at him, wishing he didn't know these things. Emily would be even more worried.

"We're fine Jake, but thanks. You don't need to worry about us. OK?" He nodded and hugged Chloe, Sara, and Annie. Janey walked up and kissed me

"You good, love?"

"More, or less. What's up?"

"Alison wants to go to her place so she can get some things, and I think to just be there. It is her home, Daniel" I stared at her. "I know, sweets, I tried talking her out of it but it's not like she's the only stubborn one in the bunch." I couldn't argue with that. "Besides, you'll be there. Yesterday was pretty impressive and you see things." I continued staring at her.

"Can't I just get what she needs in case someone is watching. Gustav is looking for her with a hard-on, pardon my French."

"She wants to be in her home Daniel. It's not logical. It's emotional." I nodded. "You can take care of her. You've taken care of everything else and kept us safe. You'll know if someone is there, love." I stared at her.

"I didn't know that either Annie, or Bet, would bite me, or I, them. I didn't know that by biting Annie that I likely married her. I didn't know that Marnine would turn into a fucking a dragon, or me into a bear, and Annie into a lion. I didn't know ANY of those things. Do have any idea how long it's been since I have dealt with a dragon? Do you?" She shook her head.
"A LONG fucking time, and they stink! Janes, what I know is dwarfed by immensity of what I don't, especially with you lot." It was Janey's turn to stare at me.

"Well, there are those few considerations to deal with, but she'll go with, or without you." I stared at her in amazement, and NO one else bothered to come out. I held up my index finger, walked back inside, grabbed a cup, walked back outside and threw it against the building.

"Fine." I walked back inside. "I owe you for two cups Henry, deduct it from my pay."I could him smile as he held his spatula up as I went out front for my tool bag

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7/22/2021 2:26 am

Things are getting fraught between people not good I hope your stories can get this sorted its interesting the sexual tensions the emotional intrigue and the mystical elements.

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