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The musings of a single polyandrist (similar to a single monogamist, only polyvariation, right?) woman. Also childfree, not from here (foreign accent, hey?) Looking for my misters Right (and misters Nearly Right, too). I'm either a schizophrenic or a psychic, my money is on the latter, of course, I'm a certified life coach, soulmate expert, a tarot reader, and a struggling business owner and so forth.
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Am I a bad girl for not wanting to chat one-on-one?
Posted:Oct 16, 2017 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2017 9:07 pm

I love Polyamory Date. Love being on cam. I love the messages from the men I make hard and cum like there's no tomorrow. I cannot get enough of you lads.

And yet, when I'm chatting (literally, chatting on IM instead of the email-variant) with a guy one-on-one, I feel like I'm being trapped into a monogamous relationship or something, and I'm like... Naah. Not ready for that.

I want to hear them guys cum over my photos and my videos. I wish I could hear them all during a camming session. (That might be a tad too awkward. )

I hate the feeling that I get when I start answering a guy just to be nice. I have to stop doing that. I have to stop answering everyone just to be nice, I hate the feeling even when it's non-sexual. More when it's non-sexual. I need to clear my space from people who do not want to fuck me in real life if the opportunity would arise.

I am feeling such an insane pull towards men. All men, tons of men, an insane amount of men. I couldn't care less if I'd ever see another woman. (Okay, maybe I'd miss them a LITTLE, but I'd like them as a visual presence somewhere distant, while all people close to me would be men. And I don't want the women being AT ALL focussed on me when there are men around...)

I'm derailing, but that's what I do...

I want you all to love me without loving me. Go nuts if you like. Just... Know that I might love you one minute but not remember we've ever talked the next.
What should a polyandrist do when she's a tiny itsy bitsy in love with someone?
Posted:Jul 1, 2017 12:29 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2017 7:05 pm

Yeah, so the thing about being a polyandrist is not about maintaining one's freedom from a man, but quite the opposite; the ability to fall in love with men so easily, that it is impossible to fall out of love with everyone but one... But when one KNOWS there's more than one man for them in this world, but one of them men happens to be right there with you... Phew. An interesting dilemma.

Thank god he's married.

I coo when he acts possessive. I love it. I am a non-monogamist and I coo at a guy who wants to own me. Even if he wasn't entirely serious about it.

I love it when he objects to other men and smiles at himself for knowing he's "breaking the rules", knowing I am what I am.

I know I will never be able to quit loving certain men, I'll always be weak for those men who I adore... And whether I'll act on it or not, I'll wish I was free to give in to those men. In some ways, I always fall for the same quality in certain men, but no matter how much they're the same, each of them makes it so different... Like trying to decide which Aerosmith song you love the most.
The scary cheaters
Posted:Jun 11, 2017 6:18 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2017 12:30 am

I cannot exactly say that I am innocent in the cheating area, even though I have only once been the cheater (I was young, stupid, my first boyfriend who I was already thinking of leaving, and the other guy was special to me and the situation unexpected) but most often I'm the person married men cheat with (their business to tell me the truth, not my job to figure out if they do or not), and to my knowledge, I've never been cheated on, but that maybe just my naivety or wish to tell myself pretty tales, but.. Anyway.

The first time I witnessed cheating of the kind I'm talking about, I was gutted. You hear these stories about awful wives and a terrible marriage and what not tales of woe, but when I saw this perfect husband of a perfect wife, their beautiful home and their beautiful 6-months old wedding album turn to dust when he, upon a trip to Australia without his wife, when he, without any sign of embarrassment, need to hide it, explain it, or say a word about it disappear with a woman who was obviously deliberately picking him up knowing he's there, and then reappear again the following morning equally unphased... I think my world grumbled a little. He was the perfect guy, the kind you'd bring to your mother who would embrace him as the wonderful stroke of absolute divine luck and how lucky her daughter was..! Their rationale seems to be that "since I give you my name, my seed, and my money, I am so fucking perfect you should be happy to be called my wife and therefore I'll do whatever I like with my dick. I complete your facade, your beautiful perfect life, and you should be satisfied with that." To my luck, I've never really been into perfect men myself, I like the rough around the edges, honest louses, who go deep into their women, love with their hearts and hold no airs about being "perfect" in any way. If they would cheat, they'd say it's their fault, they cannot stay loyal, they're no good, and that they cannot be tied down, but these picture perfect men... They don't see anything wrong with it...

And I figure, neither do their wives.

Now, having seen a few more marriages between people of my own age, the more perfect the couple the more certain you can be that someone is cheating. The better people seem to be at putting on the perfect face, the perfect front, the better they are at covering up their extramarital affairs.

And they are not the slightest bit remorseful of it, either.

They justify it as "monogamy is not a feasible goal," but instead of adopting an openly polyamorous or polygamous lifestyle, or agree to an open marriage like the louses I like, they go about their cheating behind their wives' or husbands' back as if it was a no biggy.

I am a polyandrist who FULLY believes in monogamy, true love, and ever-lasting love. I know I am PERFECTLY capable of monogamy when I decide to be, provided I am with the right man. I do not value the permanence of the relationship as much as the scary cheaters do, who simply go on with their marriage despite the fact they no longer feel the other is enough to fill their needs, or despite the fact they never thought they would or should.

I know men who have been perfectly trusting of their wives fidelity, only to find that she sleeps around without blinking, essentially thinking her other relationships are no business of her husband's, making it possible for them to even do it. I've known wives of the same kind. And I've known men who are completely turned on by the idea of polyandry and who are still hurt to the core by a cheating wife because honesty is more important in a relationship than monogamy is. MUCH, MUCH more important.

It doesn't matter if you don't think monogamy is a realistic goal if you HONESTLY think that is the case, why not say it out loud you spineless twat? I am a polyandrist, as I said, and I STILL feel monogamy is absolutely a realistic goal, not a goal I want to achieve anymore, but still an absolutely realistic wish to hold for those who want it.

Another thing that boggles my mind... How can people enjoy unemotional, meaningless sex? I bet my sweet ass I love a man I haven't even met before more than some women love their husbands. And how do people explain cheating by saying "it didn't mean anything" like that should make it better! If it didn't mean anything, why do it in the first place and hurt the person who, presumably, actually means something to you? That's absolutely ludicrous. "I didn't really want to do it, but I did it anyway because, you know, whatever?" What the actual fuck, people?!

I'm a polyandrist because men matter to me. Sex matters to me. I am absolutely not a cold-hearted bitch who wants to take advantage of men or who doesn't want to be tied down by a man or any of that nonsense. And as such, I have no idea what people even get out of the unemotional meaningless sex they practice. I mean I've had some before. It is MEANINGLESS. It is stuff I'd NEVER HAVE if I could have something better if there was someone who actually matters, and who I feel something for. Meaningless sex is like... Eating rice cakes. No flavor, no calories, no pleasure. Why the fuck would you want to eat rice cakes when you have calorie-free mud cake at home? Unless you married rice cake and figure because your rice cake has some lettuce on it, it "means something".

Fuck you.
For the polycurious (and those who think it "didn't work")
Posted:May 27, 2017 12:27 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 12:19 am

Monogamy is something that is completely natural to SOME people. The non-monogamous among us are not faulty, but it is similarly in-born as homosexuality or bisexuality is, but we are so brainwashed into thinking monogamous heterosexual relationships as 'the thing' that we don't even stop to ask the questions before we decide polyrelationships are just "wrong" and "abusive of women".

When I, at the age of 20,) first thought about wanting more than one serious boyfriend, I stopped myself on my tracks thinking no man would ever want to share a girlfriend, unless they, too had a permission to play around - and I didn't quite like the idea of sharing a boyfriend. I figured it would be so unfair on the guys that I didn't think about it again, until a lot later.

There are several ways to be poly, some are essentially monogamous with a polyamorous bend, some are polygamous with a polyamorous bend. It is to be noted that not all naturally polygamist people marry wives to a husband, but it would be natural to also marry several men to one wife, or several wives to several husbands.

I use the -gamy terms to describe a committed, permanent polyrelationship, and the -amory terms to describe not as easily defined relationships, mostly 'boyfriends' and 'girlfriends' and playmates rather than husbands and wives. (And I also don't mean legal wives and husbands, obviously, given the legistlations in most countries and states.)

The way me and my soul-bond lovers work is that I am the wife, and my husbands can make up their own mind who else they wish to sleep with - but they tend to limit their excursions simply due to disinterest toward other women, not because they were ordered to.

A lot of men love their male friends over their female companions, the same way as a lot of women love their female friends over their spouse even. This is a sign of a polyandrous (FMM+ alignment) or a polygynous (MFF+) alignment because we bond deepest with the gender that we are naturally aligned "to marry", with some exceptions. (This is a little complicated, bare with me.) Because by simple mathematics based on the assumption nature is more or less perfectly organized, we can conclude most men to be polyandrous by their natural learning, and most women being polygynous. This means that the polyandrous men would find it relatively difficult to a) respect b) love c) trust and d) bond with a woman, and the reverse would be true to polygynous women and their feelings towards men.

Naturally polyandrous women find it hard to relate to other women on an emotional level while feeling very confident about the men's attraction to themselves, the same way as polygynous men find it difficult to relate to men, but know they can usually charm any woman they choose to charm - to the point they may consider it a bit of a problem.

A lot of the time, men tend to self-sacrifice themselves when going into a serious polyrelationship, whereas women tend to self-sacrifice when a partner wants to try an open marriage or polyamory of some description. Here's how our logic works:

Naturally polygamous (MMFF) men and women: "OK, monogamy is not realistic. We'll just pair up and then play around." or "OK, it's natural for people to have feelings for different people, commitment is about ignoring those feelings and simply sticking to your own partner. Easy."

Naturally polyandrous (FMM+) men: "OK, I want my friends to fuck my girlfriend, but I could never possibly say that out loud because I love her and I don't want to make her feel like I thought she's a slut or a whore or that I disrespected her. I am an awful person." or "OK, I want to fuck my friend's girlfriend, but he would kill me, and I respect him and his relationship, but I can't stop thinking about fucking my friend's girl." (This wish often relates typically to a friend's girlfriend, whoever it is, once his friend finds another girlfriend, then SHE becomes the object of interest until they all truly fall in love with the same girl.) or "I like women but fuck, I could never imagine myself with another guy." (This is the way a man thinks before having found the right people.)

Naturally polyandrous (FMM+) women: "OK I want several boyfriends, or I love several men and can't decide which one I want... I am a terrible woman, and I am probably incapable of true love." and "Oh crap. My friend's boyfriend fell in love with me.... Why does this keep happening to me, I am NOT ENCOURAGING THEM!!"

Naturally polygynous (MFF+) men: "OK, I want to have more than one girlfriend, but that would be really freaking lame of me, so I'll just find a girl who wants to have several boyfriends and give her the freedom I want." (DON'T! Polyandrous women are not turned on by polygynous men, also, polygynous women don't want this freedom.) or "OK, I want several girlfriends but that is sooo lame and stereotypical of me, I am capable of monogamy, you just watch me!"

Naturally polygynous (MFF+) women: "OK... Why do I ALWAYS find these cheaters? They seem so nice at first, and I trust every word they say about loving me, but then they turn around and fuck someone else! (Often the best friend or sister or even the mother.)" or "I should be so angry with my boyfriend/husband for cheating on me, but I can't help but be a bit turned on by it. What is wrong with me, I need therapy." or "I like my man, but I don't really want the mess that goes on with other women in the picture." (This before she's met her right people.)

Naturally monogamous men and women: "I have NO IDEA why people have this idiotic need to sleep around and look for cheap thrills in the arms of other people! They are emotionally disturbed, commitment phobic people who need therapy! I love my partner, and I would NEVER cheat on him/her, and I know we may seem old fashioned, but this is the way we are and feel!"

Of course, these are rough descriptions as everyone is different, but you still might see where you fit?

I'll write more later.
Play moves I don't respond well to... FYI
Posted:May 25, 2017 6:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 12:19 am

I am not like most women.

I do not have claws.

I have NO INTEREST chasing you down and wrangling you out of the hands of other women simply to prove my own self-worth. If I'm going to do that, I have to be DAMNED CERTAIN that you love me with the wholeness of your being, and that you actually WANT me to come and get you for myself, but for that kind of certainty, a lot of things must be in place first.

I do not need to prove my self-worth by getting the man "I can't have", therefore, if you PLAY hard to get, I will assume you are not that interested in me and I will move on easily. The more I like you, the more readily I will accept the fact that men like you would be so sought after that they don't really get too excited over one night out or whatever, and that they've got plenty to choose from and I simply didn't make the cut. No issue, I've got my own ranking system going, and a lot of great guys won't make the cut. That's called life, and I'm more than OK with it. This means that if you're trying to make me wait in order to make me want you more, you'll find the opposite effect will happen, I'll simply know you don't really want me - and I do want my men to want me. It doesn't mean you'll blow your chances forever, it's just that for as long as you're not chasing me, I'm not really worried about getting you. The way I think is "you'll come to me if and when you're ready if you want me" and if you won't come to me, I assume you're not ready or simply don't want me or the lifestyle I have in mind.

I am trying to go against my own natural way sometimes and express my interest in a guy, but trust me, when I'm going out of my way to say "I fucking want you" that's probably VERY lame compared to a girl who is simply trying to prove to herself she can have any man she wants, like all her self-worth depended on it. I don't get "ticked off" by a guy ignoring me, I get... Sad and disappointed maybe, but not angry. I may get irritated for being played though as if he was thinking I am a moronic little twat with a point to prove if that makes anyone feel any better.

Jealousy games also will fall short with me; I sleep with a lot of guys, so I have no business judging you if you do, too. However, I am a polyandrist, and the existence of other women mean either nothing to me, or I will let go because clearly, you've got stuff covered. A polyandrist woman has very little leverage to force a guy into a relationship anyway, so either you want me or you don't, it HAS TO be your call, all I can say is "not you mate" but I cannot insist that it WILL HAVE TO BE you. The more I value you, the less I'd simply ASSUME you'd love me or my lifestyle because I'm so fucking awesome, right? I will NEVER force or coerce a guy to stay with me because I'd like to know being with me is not some form of a jail term but an actual pleasure for him.

So... The move that works with me... Keep talking to me. Show me you're actually interested in me. The more messages you'll send, the more I'll like it, particularly if I like you. I like it when people simply tell me what's on their minds, without a lot of pretenses or pretending to be casual about it. All aloof and nonchalant. I don't need you to be super witty or funny or thought out all the time, if I really like you, I will coo over a hello more than I will get excited about a full blown wining and dining with expensive gifts to boot, I don't care, my love is not for sale, I don't care about ANYTHING but the depths of your being, and if you show that to me, I'll love you for it... And having said that, if I'm truly in love with you, the kind of deeply that I don't care if you feel like giving me X should tie me to you forever, because I'd tie myself to you anyway, but I will never fall for a guy because he'd buy me stuff, if you know what I mean. From a guy, I don't already love to my core TOO expensive gifts or elaborate gestures only make me feel obligated, and that feeling sucks monkeys ass.

I fucking LOVE it when a guy tells me he's read my blogs or googled my name to find out more. THAT shit gets me. Of course, you'd have to actually read the stuff, and I know from that that he's actually into me... At least was until we met, right? I write a lot, and because it takes time to actually wade through this stuff, it means a great deal. I love to know people read what I write, particularly those who I have a romantic or sexual interest in...

If you're the right one for me, there is NO WAY you could get too clingy or needy. NO WAY. If I wish to bind myself to you for life, then there's NOTHING you can over-do to fuck that up. But I will chase away people who will get too close (and there's no 'too soon' about it, I fall in love at first sight or very soon after, or not at all, and quite frankly... A guy who is certain he wants me is a turn on for me, not the other way around... but obviously this is not an invitation to fake that feeling).

I don't like the games that much, but I'm starting to kind of understand the point of them a bit better when they're a fun addition to it, but when it's just plain insecurity and "I wonder if calling her sooner than 3 days will get me off the list..." -shit... I don't like it. I like it when men go nuts over me. I figure you might too, but there's this catch... If I get overly excited about a guy, they'll easily interpret it as "she's insane" or "does this with all men" or something similar. But no, I don't... But that is the reason I don't over-do this myself, and I know there's a similar fear in guys as well, hence I'm just saying how I feel about it.

And no. No matter how much I fall for you at "hello", I'm not turning monogamous again. Not even for the greatest love of my life - who, by the way, is a polyandrist by his natural alignment, whether he's aware of it or not... Wouldn't be the greatest love of my life if he wasn't. If they weren't.
"What do you like in bed?" is not a valid question
Posted:May 17, 2017 10:13 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2017 12:19 am

OK... We all have preferences that seem to work even when the connection isn't great and when things are less than spectacular in general. However, some rules make potentially great sex shit, when you think you know what the other person wants, but whose rules just changed because of you.

When the connection is AMAZING, the rules go out the window. Each couple or a group is their own mixture of energy, and that energy interacts in a unique way... For instance, giving a blow job can vary from downright nasty to the best thing in this freaking world, and the only point of difference is who you're giving it to. It SHOULD be a big deal, because it is not about whether the girl likes giving blowjobs or not, or whether she likes giving them to you, specifically. Also, if she likes giving them to one guy, doesn't mean she likes giving them to you.

We are all perfect for somebody. At the same time, NONE OF US is perfect for everybody. Some of us are pretty damned good for most people, but even those of us who top the hot lists are not perfect for everybody, although, to be quite perfectly honest and frank... The most desirable people are not perfect for all, because not everyone is perfect for them... As in... Even the "perfect people" are drawn to other perfect people - up to a point... Sometimes casual sex is better with someone you would NEVER want to date regularly, let alone spend the rest of your life with. Here, it seems that the closer to "mr right" a guy is here, the less I want to fuck him and the more I want to date him, so jumping into THAT SPACE directly with someone I regard hot feels weird. I feel like I have to see if there's a real connection first, and if I find that nah, he's absolutely just a pretty shell, then it's OK again... But to be fair, sometimes half empty is Alll OK if what the glass is half filled with is Champaign rather than say... A full glass of hmm... wine that is just started to go off... You know when you sort of go... Uh... "is this good or not?" and you keep trying it until you go... "yeah, no. Toss it." Whereas that half glass full of chilled Champaign, you'll drink that thing to the bottom of it without hesitation, and if it's a half glass, it's still better than none at all, lol.

So you'll give a blow job to your half glass of Champaign, but you'd very reluctantly go down on a full glass of red going off.

And what is Champaign to you is not the same thing for everybody. We all have a different idea of perfection - there is such a thing as "too perfect" for some people. Like a lot of people love each other for their flaws rather than their perfections, because perfect people are boring, but we all love CERTAIN flaws over other flaws, and which flaws we love is individual... And that is a direct effect on how the sex is going to be - instinctively. We already know whether that person is perfect for us or not, both men and women do, men even more instinctively than women, and when the perfection is met.... Fuuuuck you'll go to places you've never gone before with that person, even if with everyone else sex in a missionary with the lights off seem a little bit too much for you.
Love women who love men...
Posted:May 2, 2017 1:49 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 3:11 am

I am through and through a polyandrist man-pleaser and I simply love men. I don't mean I like men, as a gender, I mean I love them, adore them, I want to make them happy. Very anti-feminist of me, I know, but I don't care. I am what I am and I love what I am.

Although I have rejected every friend request by women and M+F couples (as opposed to M+M couples) here so far, I'd love to hear from women whose primary focus is on their guy or their guys. Who are the ones who disappear when they've got a date, who leave the club without saying a word because they found a bloke and to whom the explanation "I found a guy" is enough to make getting friend-dumped for the night is explanation enough.

I want to semi-befriend women who take joy in seeing men happy, sexually excited or gratified, relaxed like a lion laying in the sun just after mating. I am not into women myself, as I said, but I love strip clubs because I love to see the look on the guy's faces when they see these beautiful girls do their thing.

I don't need to feel a BOND to another woman in the way that normal women do, but... I'd think of it more as a collaboration of sorts... Us against the demanding ball-busting bitches that only want to see a guy cry for the sake of their own ego being stroked.

Just saying.
Now I'm griping about those fake profiles...
Posted:Apr 30, 2017 9:44 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2017 10:03 pm
Although I don't think it's against the TOS or anything to be promoting your services as a sex pro, and I certainly wouldn't mind people being upfront about it if they did, but... I'm getting peeved about something REALLY stupid. I want that #1 spot in my state. It is RIGHTFULLY MINE, and I want it! There's these few people that SEEM TO pay for that top spot though, by sending each other points when they lose the top spot or perhaps using another account to do that. And I don't know, maybe that's fair, I don't know, but if they send the points to one person who then sends them back to the same person... I think Polyamory Date takes a cut from it, I'm not sure, but still. Annoys me.

I don not really know how many of the top accounts there are "cheating", but I find it funny how their fan points suddenly shoot up by a mile when they notice they have lost the top spot. Overtaken them a couple of times, FAIR AND SQUARE.

This is CLEARLY a first world problem and a stupid one at that, but my ego is screaming for justice here! Nobody even wants to see some of those people naked I am quite convinced, and there they are, on the top spots.

If that is not asking for a flame fight, I don't know what is. Maybe I will just block those accounts while I still can get away with saying that before them seeing it. It's not like I want them to be offended, I'm just venting.

There is a block function here, isn't there..?

And I don't really know what is to be considered "a fake profile", I suppose pretending to be after a date only to spring the "you didn't think I do this for free" line on an unsuspecting bloke, would qualify. Then again, I might be considered fake because I've got a blog, a sex blog at that, even if it doesn't run memberships (at the moment at least even though I haven't ruled that option out if there was a fun thing to do about it) and also I've got another blog that DOES run membership subscriptions, but isn't about sex. I mention those blogs sometimes, so that might make me a fake.

Then, does the fact I get more offers than I have time to get to make me a fake, a cock tease, or "all talk", I don't know?

Ah. Yet another existentialist crisis to live with!
Erotic straight male photography - hoooow to do it?!
Posted:Apr 22, 2017 7:55 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 3:12 am

It's really difficult to get tips on what to do with photos on a site like this. The quality sort of drops quite fast when people are trying to see what others are doing and if the first set of photos were poor, so will be the rest of them. Any artists among you, now it's time to snap back to what you are and start thinking from your authentic expression and uplift this site!

Something that we can see here all the time that you MIGHT WANT TO kick to the curb to set yourself apart positively, and, considering how the male-female ratio favors women, you might want to use a few tricks:

1. Close ups of penises.

Although I love a good cock and I do want to see them, there's a difference between an erotic shot of a cock and a documentative one. Also, penis closeups as your primary photo is a worse idea than no photo at all... And all women say this, all men find this hilarious, but still that's the norm here.

Alternatively, if you don't want to show your face, choose ANY other body part for the primary photo. Hands are very erotic, man's neck and shoulders are a huge turn on to many, the obvious answer of the trained abdomen is a sure-fire winner, a bicep works, and, if you can get some artistic, beautifully thought out shot of your forearm, that would probably be a delicious shot even when you're not trained to perfection - but this requires a bit more artistry as it's not exactly the easiest body part to photograph. Forearm, your favorite watch or bracelet should you wear one, there's a few ideas.

If you do something with your hands, (like play the guitar, whoa,) you could use a close up of your hand at work.

2. Shaved cocks

I already complained about this one myself... as a girl, I get a lot of compliments for a partially hairy lady parts, and if there are that many guys who love a bit of hair left, I trust there'll be tons more women who prefer a hairy guy. Trimming is cool and desirable, even, (you know those hair trimmers you'd usually use to crop the head? Yeah, try those with one of those attachments rather than go full bald with a razor.) This is not directly about photos, but a bald cock is a little babyish, particularly a guy with a few extra pounds would probably do without further softening and connotations to a baby boy.

4. If you dare, show your face, PLEASE!

I understand this isn't possible for all of you, but if you run your own company, market to the perverts! Even fractions of the face will be welcome, maybe your chiseled chin with a bit of a scruff, your lips that girls love, your ear and cheek photographed from behind with you slightly looking over your shoulder...

3. The top on, pants off look... Careful with that one.

Although it may work, it is a difficult look to pull off, it works a little better for women, but even for us it is questionable. I've got a couple of shots like that myself, but I am not sure they actually work too well. However... Exposing those bits works alright, just... with a bit of thinking. It's a tough look, even for really good looking and well-trained guys.

4. Try not to over-do "the sexy" approach...

There are some things that should have died a horrible, painful death by now, and all speedo-style underwear should have gone up in flames already, and every male thong variation ever invented. I know this breaks every Mediterranean male heart, but the truth has got to be said. So. Calvin, I'm sending you some more customers of the Mediterranian and South-American background. Alternatively, just quit wearing underwear and go commando. (Oh if the specific pant you've got is too lose for the cock, like it leaves... Space. Eh. Yeah. Bad. Just as a nod to those of you who feel like the cup section can get a little grand-fatherly sometimes, yeah, it can do that if it's measured for a larger guy, there's no reason to emphasize that fact.) And also boxer shorts were still cool in the early 90's, but those times have passed. (It was also the boxer shorts that kicked the speedo-style out of the mix, so if you're still in speedo's that was the 80's when the latin lover boys got their reputation lifted as the ultimate lover, and although I'll still dine on my knees for some Italian any day of the week, I'll have to close my eyes when the speedos are flashed. Also, the white cotton socks are very much from the 80's, so it's time... It's time.)

Some poses....

There's a collection of poor to terrible poses for men out there already, so I'm just going to suggest a few things...

1. Girls maybe erotic goddesses, but please, as a guy... don't try to be a girl.

Masculinity is what you are to a woman. Men don't naturally curve their hips like women do, they might stand on one leg, but they should not be pushing the hip out if they are in their own self. I understand why you do it, but don't bother. You're hot the way you are, the female gender is the one that needs to contort to be just hot enough. LOL.

2. Try to be as closely you as you can, be you, but naked/partially dressed, yeah?

You know how you like girls genuine, we like you genuine, too. The less you pretend, the better. Just toy with who you are in real life and do the same thing naked for photos. (Oh god I just pictured my favorite guitarist playing a show naked and I think I just freaking died a little. In a good way.) Even if you want to keep your identifiable work stuff out of the picture, go without it, but remember who you are, lover boy. You are sweetest and the most delicious the way you are... And a little ridiculous trying to be someone else... And this is not to say "aaah fuck quit hoping to be better than you are, loser" but to say that whatever you are is different to what someone else is and that energy is beautiful in itself - also, the more you get to know who you are, the more you will fall in love with yourself and your sexuality, and the more women will love you.

As a general rule of thumb, don't photograph yourself in positions that you wouldn't take while fully dressed and in the company of other men. Imagine yourself fully dressed, while taking photos - gives you confidence and stops you from "acting gay". (And if you feel awkward about taking photos, just pretend like this is perfectly normal. "I am sitting here with my cock out. Fully normal, lol.")

3. OK. For a sexy photo, take your underwear off but get back into your favorite pants. Whatever you feel the sexiest in - what you would wear on a date, most likely. Wear that. If you are a t-shirt guy, leave the t out of this one, but if you like buttoned shirts, wear it opened up. Now... Open the fly and show us what you've got there for us.

4. Naked shots that seem to work quite well is a guy sitting up with his cock in his hand, rather than laid back or partially supported. Like the position Every Girl avoids because our tummy would push out like mad and make us look twice as fat as we actually are. The position we avoid getting into when we're on a date, as we take measures to sit up straight... right? Did you notice? No? Good, you weren't supposed to. So... Guys can use that very position that girls must avoid at all cost, even stockier guys can do that, no probs.

5. Avoid all positions that make you seem submissive - unless you are a sub. Usually, this means leaning forward rather than leaning backward.

Technical stuff

1. Take full body shots or full shots, and then CROP the part for this site later, if you want to stay anonymous. Then share the full shot privately if you are more comfortable with that. There's a lot of simple apps that will do it.

2. Because the mobile phone camera is meant for photographing landscapes or people in full sunlight... Or at least tends to be calibrated for high color contrast or something, it picks up every unflattering pump and a curve and highlights it, or rather, creates a shadow where there is none... At least some cameras do. Your mirror image may be completely different to what your camera shows. That is why I like to use a slight filtering for the photos, to bring them back A LITTLE BIT to reflect reality rather than deceive. An app I do a slight retouch on most of my photos is called Selfie City (for Android) but it MAYBE too heavy handed for guys and make them look a little too polished as the default setting, but you can reduce the filters and "the beautify" -function to be less brutal. (Yeah, I do run my photos through a filter, as most of you can see, but the guys I have met haven not complained, and I still want to look like myself in the photos and mainly use them to reduce the shitty mobile phone camera error as I am too lazy to use a real camera for these. And I am too lazy for makeup too, personally, this is a good alternative for a daily makeup. )

3. Take 30 shots for every 1 photo you publish. The ratio for professional models, by the way, is about 300 shots ON FILM for 4 printed photos, so don't skimp.

4. Use a timer to get away from the camera for the shot or, even get one of those blue tooth remote buttons that you can get for about 5 bucks at a discount store.

5. Use the forward facing camera so you can see what you are doing in case you were not narcissistic enough to notice this option before. (Some of them has a beauty setting inbuilt, which might be enough to soften the tones just enough to not make look like a monster... I don't know how bad it is for guys, but creepers it is terrifying to see yourself as a girl, then, you run to the mirror to check if you really missed all of that... Brrr!)

And finally:

There are NO men who are too ugly to fu... with a little mind to how you present yourself, but there are women that no amount of styling will ever rescue. Therefore, men are more beautiful than women are, so shut up and get to work.

Just in case you're wondering; yes, the cocks here are abnormally large
Posted:Apr 22, 2017 9:43 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 7:32 am

I don't know if anyone is wondering, but in case some of you lads are, yes... The guys here are unusually sized. Maybe it's the very thing that draws men to join a site like this, because they know they've got goods that won't leave them in any man's shadow, (thinking Orlando Bloom all of the sudden ) but yeah. Don't worry lads. You didn't suddenly shrink.
Men's idea about other men
Posted:Apr 21, 2017 9:12 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2017 3:56 am

I find it a bit... Annoying or heart breaking, I don't know which, how men have a horrible idea of what men are like, and it's really the view of women who are not really very clued in on how men (in general) think. It is a very unflattering view, and one that I know comes from women, because I am one and I've heard those same claims and found them largely untrue.

I am also often "the other woman", or the woman who a guy confides in when they have been hurt to the core in their relationships. They confide in me their true feelings about women in general (because they feel I am different and trustworthy, and someone who won't judge) and they often let it rip.

Their view of things isn't that they didn't care for their girlfriend or that they are happy she's gone, or that they can't wait to fuck as much pussy as they possibly can find... Hell no. That is how their women think. What he is experiencing is the feeling of having been used for something (sperm donor, a wallet, a security guard), having been deceived into thinking he had more than just a material or functional value, and that he has, since then, been dismissed.

Things aren't quite as black and white as that, of course, there's communication problems arising from women's tendency of speaking on the level of children (due to the fact they spend a lot of time with them) and their tendency of throwing a tantrum when they need love and care - just like a child. If they aren't getting cuddles when they fly off the handle, they fly off the handle some more. Men don't generally speaking know how to handle that situation because they don't have that yonks old baby minding instinct but do as they'd want to be done to them - give the woman some space, which, to her, feels like abandonment. In return, when the guy can't get space, he starts arguing to make her back off, and she reacts by trying to coddle him and soothe him like a child... NOT a good move.

Luckily we come in two different thinker types that are gender-typical but not gender specific, but if the love is there, the communication problems are more than solvable... But if he has been first coerced into the relationship under the assumption that all men are bachelors until forced to grow up and make a commitment, he's better of leaving and finding someone he actually wants - even if that seems like and implausible option. Better alone than in an unfulfilling relationship! Nobody owes love to anyone, especially if that sacrifice comes as a side dish of asshole who cannot commit when the relationship is over.

Women are very crafty and assertive when forcing men into TRYING on a relationship with them, but they don't know what hit them when the guy calls it quits. Due to the blaming on men who leave relationships, a lot of guys feel like they just have to suck it up and stay regardless of how they might feel in reality, and that is not healthy for anyone.

Women, on the other hand, are more than free to leave a relationship for any god damned reason and be patted on the back for doing so. "Strong independent woman". Man leaving: "a sad loser with a commitment phobia and lack of responsibility." It's 2017 but men are still supposedly their wife's keeper.

I'm tired of man-bashing, especially when it comes from other men. No. I'm simply tired of man-basing, period. Women are far from without blame in this scenario, and it's time men give up trying to lower themselves to the expectations of a female. I want men to feel valuable and deserving of actual, genuine love, too, not just see themselves as failing love machines when the woman fails to ignite love and passion in him but demands him to function without giving him fuel to do it with.

I am also tired of all "commitment phobia" claims, or whatever intimacy issue -bullshit. The reason why commitment phobia exists is because people fail to inspire the need to stick together like magnets. If you are wood, don't blame the magnet for not sticking. Become iron, and stop blaming others for being uninspiring.
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Could it be, that I finally had enough of "just sex"?
Posted:Apr 9, 2017 4:12 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2017 3:10 am

There's a thousand different ways to have just sex with someone. It often goes hand-in-hand with a just a relationship.

I'm picky, so picky so picky so picky.

When I joined, I decided to take a look at my own attitude and simply live a little.

Fuck anyone with a pulse.

I've always felt like I need to lower my bar a lot for people, like... In everything. I ALWAYS feel dissatisfied with people.

And yet, I am so deeply in love with some it's never going to go away.

People tell me to lower my bar. Lower it FURTHER.

That's not a good feeling.

I thought it might be fun to have casual sex with people who do not really meet my ridiculous standards for a deep connection.

It's not like I haven't been around before, but I was always picky. If he wasn't fit to be a male model, he had no chance in hell with me. To top that off, I tend to go for men whose IQ tops Mensa requirements by a mile, who are creative and quirky and what not.

I thought I'd develop a fetish for ugly men, and I managed that. I did that. I wrote a post earlier...

But an ugly man has to have one quality over all to be good for anything: He has to be a shameless pervert and a dom to get me anywhere. It's hard to find people who would have abandoned all sense of decency and what women often call "respect for women".

I'm going to have to make you all read my blog for a bit before I will do anything with anyone I'm not head over heels in love with, so you'll freaking know what you're getting yourselves into.

I'm not your average woman.

And as I said in my profile, I'm not a femdom, therefore I won't teach you what to do with me, but I'll write about how I think. It may liberate you or it may not, I don't know.

Let's see where this leads as I have no idea.

I'm just bored with... just sex.

I need my mind blown (and not by the duration of time a guy is willing to give me cunnilingus. My new pet peeve.)

The Dom in my head is not pleased with me writing this by the way. He doesn't like it that I'm displeased. He likes me gagging for it, yet he's the one who is telling me not to sleep around before he gets to me again. Make up your mind... (He also controls how much I want sex and when. Interesting relationship we've got.)
Changing for someone in the short term vs the long term
Posted:Mar 28, 2017 5:23 am
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2017 4:16 am

People think about changing for someone in different ways... To some, it is logical to make a change for someone when one assumes the change will pay off in terms of a long term relationship, while others might adjust their behavior and expression in the short term knowing that this is just a short term relationship we're in, and we only need to tolerate this unnatural state of being temporarily. On a sex site, this is particularly important to know which way you swing.

I personally change (or hide difficult/weird/complicated aspects of myself) only in the short term, while I assume that in the long term, once I find the men who I love more than anything, I will be loved for exactly who I am as a person and a personality, but I do not expect that to happen in the short term with men who are here mainly to get their rocks off by watching me and by, in a way, imagining me to be something that they'd want me to be... And that is what I am here for, I enjoy being the object of men's fantasies, even when I know they are creating a personality for me that isn't entirely real.

You imagine I DON'T have childish hobbies, but I do. You imagine my home is sexy and furnished in a way that you would just loooove to see how I live, but that is not true. My home is not sexy for me, let alone you. (There's an area that is pretty hot, and it's not my bedroom. I don't have a bedroom which makes things awkward.)

My photos that I share here, although realistic, are shared with the mindset that I do not want to put you off by giving you The Worst Photos that can be taken of me but the best ones, you know? I expect my playmates to offer me the same courtesy, even with the risk of "looking a bit gay". Just to fit a certain standard, you know? Then again, I have a thing about ugly guys and what not, but that's beside the point of this post.

I don't really care what my playmates here are like. I may get a pleasant surprise that someone plays with toys for a living, or that they're full on into heavy rock like me, or that they breed dogs, or that they make movies, or draw or paint sexy nudes, or whatever... But I don't expect that to be the case. I am not looking for a long-term partner here, necessarily, I might find one of my ultimate lovers here - and I'm not going to be keeping count - but I also am not expecting that to happen. All I wish for is for us all to enjoy each other's photos and sexiness, without adding too many expectations to it.

Therefore... In the short term, I like beautiful photos of beautiful men, sexy stroke of a hard beautiful cock... But I am not quite as excited about gory, downright ugly displays of sexuality that simply makes you despair for the state of the human race.

And still, I love those same men drooling all over my photos and videos, telling me how much they want their cock inside me, and I am more than willing to give a guy I'd never normally sleep with that pleasure of entering me - depending on nothing but aligning calendar schedules and a place to do that in/at.

I joined this site a few weeks ago and reminded myself to not get too fussy about things and to just enjoy myself... And I have done that, thoroughly. I love this site. And yet... I feel like I again have to put in a fair warning and to say... DUUUUUDES. We're not going to get married unless you are freaking special AND also quite hotted up by the idea of polyandry!

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